sun coaxes freckles

waves tango onto shy shore

ocean days with you.

idyllic haiku

never mind my traitor knee

never mind the virus.

never mind our masks

never mind the hanging sword –

walking is presence.

Published by

Valerie Schultz

I am a freelance writer and write regularly for The Bakersfield Californian, Give Us This Day, and America Magazine. I have recently retired from a position in a state prison library, which inspired my book "Overdue: A Dewey Decimal System of Grace", which was released by Give Us This Day on August 15, 2019.

One thought on “5.17.2020”

  1. Just gone onto your website after reading your piece in the Jesuit American Magazine. That is a remarkable, heartbreaking and uplifting example of journalism.
    I live in Scotland but can see so many parallels of your experiences with ours over here. Please don’t give up on your work; you are not on the outside but very much with us all in the heart of Christ.
    Love your haiku by the way!

    Every best wish


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